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The Brütsch Mopetta is an open, German-made small car with a doorless plastic body, it has three-wheels and a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. The designer was German entrepreneur Egon Brütsch, who was a car racer. He wanted to create the smallest car in the world, yet to look good. According to the information, only 14 copies of the moped were made between October 1956 and the spring of 1958.


In terms of road traffic laws, the Brütsch Mopetta was a moped - at least in the Federal Republic of Germany, regardless of its three wheels. That's why, it was exempted from the standard car tax and driver’s license requirements that applied to conventional passenger cars, and its design limited was to the maximum speed.


Frankfurt entrepreneur Georg von Opel was briefly involved in the project as an investor. He planned to build 100,000 Mopets with the help of ailing motorcycle maker Horex. He wanted to sell them under the Mopetta or Opelit brand name for four years at a unit price of DEM 1045. However, the investor withdrew from the project in the spring of 1958, before actual series production began.


The Brütsch Moped debuted at the IFMA exhibition in 1956. In the months that followed, it underwent several development steps, and large-scale production was scheduled to begin by the end of 1957, but this was no longer realized. The 5 originals left for posterity changed hands at auctions about prices of 50-60 thousand euros. We revived this legend with modern electric propulsion, but in a modern form.



The fiberglass reinforced body was made according to the original designs. The chassis is made of stainless steel with wnr 4301. From the front a disc brake and in the back a Rear drum brake ensures a safe stop. The Mopetta is classified in Hungary as an auxiliary motorcycle, only compulsory insurance is required for its use. Thanks to the closed hinge frame and seat belt, the use of a helmet is not mandatory, it is only recommended. See BMW C1 motorcycle. It can be driven anywhere except highways and motorways. A “mini car” can be an alternative for commuting to work, advertising, or hobby use. Despite its small size, adults can drive safely. We also realize individual needs in its appearance. The car will be made in a limited number of copies, so it is also excellent for investment. We also serve domestic and foreign customers. We hope to have a happy and satisfied owner of a Mopetta soon.

Technical parameters:

  • Length: 1700 mm
  • Width 880 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Maximum speed: 45 Km/h
  • Motor: 3000 Watt, 60 V
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Range: 70 Km
  • Battery: 2.5 Kw/h

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